Tissue Regeneration

Stimulating tissue growth to preserve surrounding teeth.

Tissue Regeneration

While your teeth are held in place by bone and other soft tissues, periodontal disease can cause bone and these tissues to  deteriorate. Using regenerative procedures your dentist can stimulate the growth of new tissues. By healing the bone in the affected area, the gums are given the space and time they need to grow back and are able to support teeth in a more stable way. Getting this tissue to regrow will also extend the life of the affected tooth, so that an extraction and implant are not needed. This technique is a great way to repair periodontal damages caused to the teeth. It gives more support and stability to the structure. However, you can avoid this situation and have healthy dental conditions by visiting your dentist at least twice a year and maintaining your regular oral hygiene.

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  • Bone growth

  • Gum regeneration

  • Stronger tooth support

  • Less bacterial regrowth

First your dentist will place a membrane between the flap of gums and the bone, allowing the bone material to regrow itself over several days. Over time, the membrane and stitches will dissolve on their own, leaving a healthier structure for your teeth. The whole process of tissue regeneration will get completed in 6 months. Call today if you have any questions about how this procedure is performed.

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