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Sedation Dentistry

At Signature Dental Group, we can collaborate between a family of dentists to ensure that every patient receives the optimal, comprehensive, personalized care they deserve, no matter what their oral health needs. Our multi-specialty husband and wife team have pioneered oral sedation dentistry in the city of Delray Beach with our advanced anxiety-free dentistry. We specialize in IV Sedation anesthesia, oral sedation, and nitrous sedation. Dr. Joel Baez received his IV Sedation training at the UT San Antonio Advanced Training Institute in General Dentistry. His wife and colleague obtained her IV Sedation training during her specialty training in Periodontics at Nova Southeastern University and general residency training at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Years of advanced training have allowed them to master their technique and bring this tremendous service to their family-owned practice in Delray Beach. Our team at Signature Dental Group understands that dentistry can cause anxiety and fear that might distract some patients from solving theiroral careneeds. This creates a snowball effect of neglect; as the patient's oral needs increase, so does nervousness. This causes patients to disregard their teeth for many years, but we are here to comfort and provide you with the tools you need to get your dental health under control. If you are one of those, please contact Signature Dental Group to arrange an appointment for sedation dentistry near you. Our team of full sedation dentists near you works with a wide variety of dental insurances and offers payment plans to get you on the right path and obtain IV sedation during treatment.

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The most evident benefit of IV anesthesia is to allow the patient to undergo multiple dental procedures, all while being sedated. This allows our family to provide the utmost care and comfort before and after your procedure. Our facility is certified by the State of Florida to provide IV Sedation dentistry. We welcome the opportunity to help with any of your dental complications, and we encourage calling today for more information aboutsleep dentistry near you, where you will learn how to sleep through your next dental appointment. Our patients love the sedation dentistry we provide because after being carefully sedated, they don't even remember a dental procedure even took place. This allows our patients to not only receive the tailored care they need but also overcome the fear that has been keeping them from coming to us in the first place. At Signature Dental Group, we love to help patients undergo years of dental work while being sedated in as little as one visit.

Before you undergo IV sedation dentistry during your visit, you will meet with our doctors Valentina Baez and Joel Baez, for a consultation. During this visit, our goal is to get to know your story, actively listen to your main concerns, and most importantly, your expectations from sedation dentistry so we can provide you with the best care and treatment possible. We will also determine what type of sedation best suits your needs. We offer sedation dentistry, also known as conscious sedation, for all dental work such as deep cleanings, root canals, dental surgery, dental implants, periodontal work, etc. Our main focus is to transform your fear into relaxation and make you enjoy your dental visit at Signature Dental Group. Besides having the most up-to-date technology, excellent work ethic and passion toward providing the highest quality dental care; full sedation dentistry is what sets us apart from other offices around the Delray Beach area since we are part of the 2% of offices to be approved by the Florida board of dentistry to provide conscious IV sedation.

There are different sedation types that a patient can choose from - oral sedation, nitrous sedation (also known as laughing gas), and IV conscious sedation, also known as "twilight sedation." The main difference is the way they are administered.

Oral sedation:

Oral sedation dentistry consists of digesting a combination of "relaxing pills" before your dental visit. This includes Xanax, Halcion, Ativan, also known as Benzodiazepines, that help with anxiety. It is usually administered an hour before your dental visit and the night before your dental visit. It can be used for any dental procedure, including the simplest dental procedures such as a cleaning or a filling. It is routinely used for anxious and mildly fearful patients of dental procedures or even patients with a gagging reflex when being worked on. Fair to good health is necessary, and prior arrangements such as someone to drive you home are required.

Nitrous sedation:

This type of sedation is also known as laughing gas sedation. It is administered by inhaling the gas during your dental visit by the use of a small mask. It has a rapid effect, and the best part is that the patient can drive home since the effect goes away almost immediately after gas stops being administered. The cost of this sedation ranges between 65-100$. It is commonly used for any dental procedure.

Conscious IV sedation:

This type of sedation, also known as "sleep sedation dentistry or twilight sedation," is given intravenously. The drug is administered directly into the bloodstream using a small catheter, making it extremely effective, quick, and safe. The drugs administered provide a relaxing and amnesic effect so that the patient does not remember anything about the dental visit. This sedation cost ranges between 250 to 800 per visit depending on the length of the procedure. It is commonly used on more fearful patients or more difficult or more prolonged procedures; however it can also be used on routine procedures such as deep cleanings, root canals, etc. Sleep sedation dentistry requires the patient to have an empty stomach 8 hours before the procedure, have a ride to and from the dental office, and have overall good health.

At Signature Dental Group, our full sedation dentists near you try to tailor your needs and provide you with the most pleasant dental experience you will have in your life. We want to surpass your expectations and provide you with healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, all while being extremely comfortable using sedation techniques personalized especially to you.

Make the first call now to meet Dr. Joel and Dr. Valentina Baez for a private consultation concerning sedation dentistry near you.

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