Restore functionality to you or your child’s tongue.  

A frenectomy is a simple surgery that involves the removal of one or more frenum from the mouth. A frenum Is a piece of connective tissue that attaches one surface of the mouth to another. If the attachment of the frenum is too low, they are usually removed on infants and young children because they can impair mouth function. Sometimes frenum are referred to as ‘tongue ties’ or ‘lip ties.’

Frenectomies are safe and common procedures performed with a soft tissue laser that gently cuts the connective tissue, allowing it to heal normally and restore function to the mouth.  If left untouched, frenum can cause problems with speaking and eating with adults and can even lead to the development of speech impediments. If removed as a child, the mouth will continue to develop normally, and no other procedures should be needed. While this procedure involves cutting the frenum, it is a relatively painless for the affected infants and children.

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