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All on 4

Traditionally, All-on-4 implants are a cross between traditional dentures and modern implants where an entire upper or lower set of teeth are attached to the jaw using only four dental implant posts. A titanium bar is milled to serve as the substructure and then a set of complete rows of teeth are made. After your dentist inserts the four dental implant posts into your jaw and they have healed, a complete row of teeth is attached to the posts and adjusted to fit properly. These permanent dentures are not removable and will function just like natural teeth. 

At Signature Dental Group we have perfected this procedure in order to provide our patients with a more durable and stable solution. We call this process the “Signature All on X”.

Below are some of the differences between us and the competition:

Signature All-on-X:

  • The “X” stands for the maximum number of implants we will try to place depending on the available jaw bone. We use a minimum of 4 dental implant posts. Meaning we always try to place 5-8 dental posts. NEVER just 4!. This adds extra support and stability to the new set of teeth

  • Our design is made with 100% zirconia supported by a titanium bar. This is very different from the “Permanent Dentures “offered at other specialty centers. No plastic in ours.

  • We use premium dental implants. Our implant of choice is Straumann. It has the longest track history in the market.

  • We use all original Straumann components. A lot of centers mix and match parts to save on cost and that can compromise the precision of these restorations. Therefore, compromising longevity.

Acrylic teeth from the competition that often lead to fractures

Full zirconia teeth . This restoration is all one piece. No risk of layers separating.

Advantages of All on Four Treatments or All on X Treatments

  • Permanent - This procedure is permanent; once attached to your jaw, it would last you for a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. It will help you to gain a lifelong smile.
  • Less Invasive - The procedure is less invasive and cuts traditional treatment time to 1/3.
  • Custom fitted - These are customized according to your mouth's shape and size so that you would feel comfortable. The design process is fully digital to ensure maximum esthetics and function.
  • Improved appearance - With the all-on-four treatment, your facial structure will improve, and as a result, you would look younger. We can make you look 10-15years younger.
  • Fully functional - With this treatment, you will regain all your dental functionalities. Your speaking abilities and food-eating capabilities will improve.

Digital rendering of a surgical plan prior tosurgery.

All on four implants are one of the latest advancements in implant technology. If you are looking to replace your missing teeth with all on four dental implants, contact us for a consultation today!

Am I Eligible for All-on-4?

Our All-on-4 dentist in Delray Beach, FL, will assess your dental condition, general health, and your expectations from the procedure before determining your candidacy.

Some of the key factors that we will evaluate include the following:

  • Lost Jawbone Tissue: Many patients have been prescribed a bone graft but do not want to go through an additional procedure. In that case, our Delray Beach All on 4 dentists may suggest the all-in-4 implant technique for you after an assessment. This technique usually avoids the need for extensive bone grafting since the dental implant posts can be placed with more flexibility. Less bone grafting translates into savings and less discomfort for our patients.

  • Problem with Loose Dentures: If you have full dentures but keep slipping out of place, you may considerall-on-4 dental implants. We will look at your existing dentures and consider any improvement before considering this procedure to anchor your restoration for enhanced stability. We pride ourselves in finding the best solution for every patient. Our approach is comprehensive and treatment modalities are recommended basic on the specific needs of the patient.

Expectations of Faster Results!

Traditional implants need several weeks or months of proper healing time before they are ready to support the restoration. Many of our patients need faster results. For those cases, our dentists offer All on4 treatments. Our All on 4 dentists can have a full mouth implants placed in less than 24 hours with on single surgery!

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Patient Testimonials

White Patient at Signature Dental GroupYoung Patient at Signature Dental Group

Affordability of All on 4 in Delray Beach?

Another advantage of this novel technique is the affordability compared to traditional implant bridges. It is a more affordable alternative compared to restoration of the full dental arch using traditional dental implant techniques. In a nutshell, we can replace more teeth using less parts, and those savings are passed to the patient.  When you visit our dental office in Delray Beach, our qualified and award-winning dentist will begin with a visual examination, followed by a CT scan to evaluate your jawbone. Have you been deemed as an unsuitable candidate for dental implants in the past due to bone loss? You may still be a good candidate for all on 4 implants.  Interestingly, this is often the right treatment for patients with low bone density who do not prefer bone grafting.

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How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Traditional full-arch restoration procedures involved multiple steps and sessions and required up to 18 months or more to complete. It would also require you to wear a denture most of the time. The old approach involved more than half a dozen implants, bone grafting, and several months of treatment. With this new procedure, you will need to visit our Delray Beach All on 4 dentist only one or two times to prepare your case. This is followed by only a single appointment to have your implants and new teeth fixed in place. Like any other dental procedure, you will be required to visit for occasional check-ups over the next several months. After six months, the gums should heal completely, and the implants will fuse with the natural bone. Our All on 4 dentist nearby will take a new impression of your mouth to prepare a permanent set of teeth with extra titanium support within the bridge. Thus, you will have new teeth that last for a lifetime, providing optimal support, natural functionality, and elegance.

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Upper and Lower Arch Replacements in Delray Beach:

Many times, we have patients with multiple missing or damaged teeth. If you are an ideal candidate for all on four implants, it can be best for you to have both the arches done simultaneously. This can help prevent issues with the final result. This may also be recommended when you an uneven bite. 

This can further help your All on four dentists nearby, to control your biting plane and bite. However, we will also consider the following factors when helping you make such a decision:

  • Your health

  • Your budget

  • Your specific needs

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Does All On 4 Process Cause Pain? IV Sedation in Delray Beach!

Our patients commonly ask us whether their all on 4 procedure will cause any pain. The procedure is performed under IV sedation, and you will not feel anything. You will be sleeping through the procedure. Even after the procedure is complete, our All on 4 dentist in Delray Beach, FL, We will follow up and prescribe the medications needed if there is small discomfort. We will always be there for you. 

If you have the following preexisting problems, we will prescribe antibiotics 24 hours before the procedure:

  • Infected teeth

  • Medially predispose factors

  • Your specific needs

Finding An All on 4 Dentist in Delray Beach!

When you are looking for the right All on4 dentist in Delray Beach, FL, there are many reasons to choose Signature Dental Group. We handle your entire case in-house – from your initial consultation to the procedure to the fabrication of your teeth. Dr. Joel Baezhas mastered the art of crafting beautiful smiles and improving your overall facial appearance. You will find all the facilities in one place– the dental office, surgery rooms, and dental lab. This enables us to take better care of you and deliver much better results. Besides, we fabricate zirconia implant restorations that are known for being the strongest, longest lasting, and most aesthetic implant solutions.

When you choose Signature Dental Group, you can remain assured about receiving exceptional value. Our Dentist in Delray Beach will design your implant restorations to complement your unique oral anatomy. Besides, we will also take your facial characteristics into account. People will not be able to notice your teeth replacement, but only your beautiful smile. 

Our experienced and qualified team is led by Dr. Joel Baez, Dr. Valentina Baez, and Dr. Dayron Baez. Our team is a mixture of experts; Dr. Joel Baez is a Diplomat of the ICOI, an award-winning dentist in the United States, and Internationally in Dental Implantology. Dr. Valentina Baez is a board-certified periodontist who specializes in gum-tissue and implantology with a license to administer and supervise IV sedation. Dr. Dayron Baez is an expert in aesthetic dentistry sought by hundreds for his unique smile design skills. Together, this powerful team will deliver amazing results for any patient seeking all on 4 treatments in Delray Beach, FL. 

Our dental office is in the heart of Downtown Delray Beach, and we serve patients from all the surrounding communities that include Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach and the greater Tri-County area. We will certainly be your clear choice when you need the best All on 4 dentist in Delray Beach, FL. 

If you want to learn more about All on 4 dental implants or want to book an appointment, call us today at 561.276.6684.You may also contact us online to book an appointment.

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