Implant Bridges

Fill the gap between multiple missing teeth with extra support.

Implant Bridges

Implant bridges are similar to regular bridges in that they both consist of a row of several artificial teeth. The difference is that implant bridges rely on the support of titanium posts inserted into the jaw bone as opposed to a metal frame that sits on top of the gums and jaw bone. By having an implant bridge installed, your bridge will be much more secure because it relies on anchors that have been fused into the jaw bone.

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  • Permanent - When you take proper care of this restoration procedure, implant bridges can last for many years. They are quite durable and easy to maintain.

  • Strong - These are strong and durable. With an efficient dental bridge, your biting, chewing, speaking, etc., problems would be gone.

  • High Functionality - The procedure not only improves your facial aesthetics, but it also helps in improving your overall oral functionalities.

  • Preserve Bone - The treatment is less invasive, which means most of your facial bones would be preserved.

  • Look like Real Teeth - With dental bridges, you would get teeth restorations that look very natural.

The biggest benefit of having an implant bridge installed is that they are much more reliable and will not slip or come out unexpectedly and should last a lifetime of regular use. While traditional bridges attach to natural teeth, dental implant bridges attach to implants. Dental implant bridges are a great solution if you are missing multiple teeth!

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