Solve your dental problems and achieve the smile of your dreams!

The Smile Transformation Process


The Express Signature Smile!

Signature Dental Group offers advanced full mouth dental implants in less than 48 hours! Getting a beautiful smile has now become easy and convenient. Our dental implants are effective, durable and they can give you that vibrant  beautiful smile. It will give you the confidence to smile without any worries. We have hundreds of happy customers who are satisfied with the results of this procedure as their natural smile has been restored.  Signature Dental Group has certified dentists who can do the procedure in one go. We offer high-quality durable dental implants that would last you for many years. Contact us today to know about our procedure- dental implants in less than 48 hours.


  • Dr. Baez always aims to place more than 4 implants.
  • Signature Dental Group uses the #1 Implant in the market.
  • Our final restoration is Premium all zirconia restoration.
  • IV Sedation included with our All on Four cases.
  • Prosthetic & Surgical specialists collaborating under the same roof.
  • Board-certified Implant Surgeon Prosthetic Specialists. Diplomat of the Internation Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI)

Get on with your life and enjoy your new beautiful smile!

Enjoy the comfort, look and lasting benefits of your Full Mouth Dental Implants in less than 48 hours!


It starts with a

Free Consultation

Are you missing your natural smile? Do you want to get more information about our dental implants? At Signature Dental Group, we offer free consultation wherein our experienced dentists will check your mouth and determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. They would also answer all your questions regarding our dental care procedures.


Planning your new

48 Hour Smile

We offer full mouth dental implants in less than 48 hours! Yes, you heard that right. No more waiting for months to restore your beautiful smile. Now, your natural smile can be restored within a few hours with our high-quality dental implants. Our experienced dental professionals will plan the whole treatment with you according to your preference and convenience.


Placing your

Dental Implants

We have state-of-the-art dental facilities and highly trained professionals at our dental office in Delray Beach, FL. Once the initial consultation and treatment planning is done, we will now place the dental implants in your mouth. The procedure is done with precision and efficiency by our experienced dentists, who have been in this field for years.


Custom milled and

Digitally Designed

One of the best things about our high-quality dental implants is that they are custom milled and digitally designed. This will help the patients to understand the results of this treatment before it even starts. The technique also helps in improving the efficiency of the procedure and you will get that beautiful smile you have always wanted.


Handcrafted details

Exceptional Artistry

Our dental professionals design your restored smile with exceptional artistry. They look healthy, beautiful and attractive. With a restored smile from our dental office in Delray Beach, FL, you would no longer have to be concerned about the way your smile looks. The treatment offers natural results and boosts your confidence to go out in public.


Delivering your final

Implant Teeth

Once the dental implant procedure is executed, it is the time to deliver your restored teeth. Your implant teeth will be stable and strong. They are aesthetically pleasing and are made to match your natural teeth. To increase the longevity of your implant teeth, ensure to maintain your regular oral hygiene. Talk to your dentists about the best maintenance measures.


Signature Dental Group offers high-quality dental implants at affordable prices within 48 hours. You can get your confidence and beautiful smile back in no time with our advanced dental procedures.

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Solve your dental problems and achieve the smile of your dreams!

The Smile Transformation Process

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