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Dental Fillings


One of the latest innovations in materials used for dental fillings is porcelain or ceramic fillings. These fillings are made with a highly dense porcelain material that matches your teeth' color and is completely inert, lasting you a lifetime. These fillings are very compatible with the biology of your teeth.


  • It looks like your natural teeth and thus helps in maintaining your aesthetics.

  • It will bond to your natural teeth, saving most of the original structure.

  • It is durable and long-lasting.


Resin fillings are made using a mixture of plastics and glass particles colored to match your teeth exactly. The fillings are injected into the cavity, hardened using UV light, and should last for years. These fillings are best for the more visible parts of the teeth, as they can be color-matched very well.


  • It saves your natural teeth structure as the process does not involve much drilling.

  • The procedure can be completed within a less amount of time.

  • It can fix chips and cracks on the teeth too.

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