Digital X-Rays

Taking a closer look at your mouth and teeth.

Thanks to progress in technological development, digital technology has become much faster and easier to use. Our office is proud to offer digital dental X-rays, which are much better than traditional film. With this new technology, our team can make more accurate assessments and improve your quality of care. This means shorter appointments and easier transfers of dental records.

These X-rays are taken by inserting a digital sensor into the mouth as opposed to traditional bitewings. The sensor takes digital scans and images of the teeth in addition to radiography. These scans are composed on a computer that are read by your dentist who makes an assessment based on the condition of your teeth. These digital screens use less radiation and produce higher quality images, making them safer and more efficient, with shorter appointments too.

If you need X-rays taken or need your records transferred to another office, don’t hesitate to call. Our team is here to help every step of the way.

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