Mouth Guards

Provided support for your teeth throughout the day.  

Mouth Guards

Mouthguards are fitted rubber inserts to protect your teeth from excessive clenching, grinding, or damage from blunt force. Commonly used in sports like boxing, mouthguards also have various other uses to protect your teeth from damage.

There are 3 different types of mouthguard:

  • Stock Mouthpiece

  • Boil and Bite Protectors

  • Custom-Fitted Protectors

Mouthguards should be used by anyone involved in sports to ensure your teeth are protected. It is also important to consider using a mouthguard even for sports that is not a contact sport, like skiing, mountain biking, or snowboarding. Mouthguards can even be used overnight for those who grind their teeth and need relief to sleep.

Advantages of wearing mouthguards

It is advised to opt for custom mouth guards rather than over the counter ones. It is because the former gives you a better fit. If you are into contact sports, wear mouth guards to prevent the impacts of any sudden accidents. It helps to protect you against chipped, broken teeth and can also prevent tooth loss. It can safeguard you from various accidental occurrences and also protects your teeth against grinding. If you wear braces, mouthguards can prevent your lips, gums, etc., from bruising while you are playing.

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