Root Canal Treatment

Removing tooth decay to restore a beautiful smile.

Root Canal Re-Treatment

Dr. Yesenia Fernandez-Baez

is an esteemed Endodontist in Delray Beach, FL. If you've been wondering about the possibility of redoing a root canal, you're in the right place. Read on to learn about the procedure, its benefits, concerns about discomfort, and whether you might be a suitable candidate for root canal retreatment.

What is Root Canal Retreatment?

Root Canal Retreatment, or endodontic retreatment, is a procedure performed when a previously treated tooth exhibits signs of infection or pain. It involves revisiting the root canal system, removing the previous filling materials, and meticulously cleaning and disinfecting the canals. The tooth is then sealed again to prevent future infections. Dr. Yesenia Fernandez-Baez possesses the expertise and advanced techniques to precisely execute this complicated procedure.

Benefits of Root Canal Retreatment:

  • Preserving Natural Teeth: Root canal retreatment aims to salvage and preserve your natural teeth, preventing the need for extraction.

  • Relief from Discomfort: The procedure addresses persistent pain or discomfort stemming from the previously treated tooth, ensuring lasting relief.

  • Avoiding Further Complications: Ignoring symptoms or signs of infection can lead to more severe dental issues. Retreatment prevents potential complications.

Does Root Canal Retreatment Hurt?

Dr. Yesenia Fernandez-Baez prioritizes your comfort throughout the entire procedure. Modern techniques, local anesthesia, and her gentle approach minimize discomfort. If you're anxious about the procedure, Dr. Fernandez-Baez offers sedation options to help you feel at ease.

Who is a Candidate for Root Canal Retreatment?

You might be a candidate for root canal retreatment if:

  • You've experienced persistent pain, discomfort, or swelling in a previously treated tooth.

  • Your previous root canal treatment did not effectively eliminate the infection.

  • Your tooth shows signs of new infection or damage after the initial treatment.

As an experienced Endodontist, Dr. Yesenia Fernandez-Baez evaluates each case individually to determine the best course of action. If root canal retreatment is deemed suitable, she will be able to talk about the procedure and any concerns you may have.

Your oral health and comfort are our top priorities at our Delray Beach dental office. Dr. Yesenia Fernandez-Baez's expertise, compassionate approach, and amazing technology, such as CBCT Scan with 3D Imaginng and Microscope for Root Canals, will ensure that root canal retreatment is a seamless experience. If you suspect a previously treated tooth needs attention, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Contact us today to take the first step towards restoring your oral health and maintaining your radiant smile.

Advantages of the procedure:

  • It is a painless and convenient procedure.
  • It is very efficient and affordable.
  • It would give your great results concerning the functionality and visual appearance.

This procedure is notorious for being painful, however due to advancements in technology over the years, it has become very routine and painless when combined with local anesthesia. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about this procedure.

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