Gum Shaping

Contouring your gums for a visibly beautiful smile.

Gum Shaping

This procedure is designed to help those who have uneven gum coverage or have gums that cover too much of the teeth. This procedure can also be used to counter gum recession. While the pockets between gums and teeth can harbor bacteria, contouring removes them and provides a better seal, making gums healthier.

Who is the right candidate for gum shaping?

Several things might need you to shape your gums. If your gums cover a large portion of your teeth, it would appear small. It is known as a gummy smile and can interfere with your aesthetics and various restoration processes. Another condition where your gum pulls back, making your teeth look longer, is gum recession. Receded gums can expose your teeth's roots and can even lead to serious dental problems. Gum recession can also erode your tooth's structure and might be a flag for potential periodontal problems.

Initially, the patient Is given an anesthetic to numb the gums and surrounding areas. Then a soft tissue laser is used to get rid of excess gum tissue. This laser is used to contour and reshape the gums, getting rid of excess space between the gums and the teeth. After having this procedure done, it is important to take care of the gums afterward to ensure the best results. Brush and floss gently, also use mouthwashes to kill the germs without hurting the surgery site. Take medications as directed and follow all the instructions given by your dentist for a quick recovery.

If you have any questions about the gum contouring process, don't hesitate to call our experienced team of professionals.

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