Wisdom Tooth Pain? Emergency Dentistry in Delray Beach! 

June 9, 2021

Pain with wisdom tooth extraction can be problematic enough, especially when they act up. It is not that uncommon for people to seek relief after getting their wisdom teeth out. Frequently, wisdom teeth have trouble aligning themselves in the right position or erupting through the gums due to the limited space in the posterior upper/ lower jaw. If you always wonder why they are called wisdom teeth, let us tell you that they are not particularly smart. Over 95% of wisdom teeth will eventually cause some sort of problem to patients, that is why it is best to address them in our late teens or early twenties.  

Jokes apart, wisdom teeth surgery is usually recommended when the discomforts and problems begin to rise. That said, it is not at all reasonable to feel that intense pain even after the extraction. Thankfully, there are several things patients can do to address the pain during their eruption or following an extraction procedure.

We have put together some tips to get rid of theimpacted wisdom teeth removal pain. However, before that, let's just go through a brief on it.

What are wisdom teeth?

They are the third set of molars that erupt through the back of the mouth and gums. Most likely, individuals have a set of four, or more than four, or even some people don't have it all. With that, it is quite possible to experience feelings of pain and discomfort that come with the growth of wisdom teeth. In contrast, many individuals experience minimal discomfort while touching that specific area while chewing. Others may feel the pressure when they try to push their way through gums and settle.

As many people decide to go for impacted wisdom teeth removal, you need to know that even after the extraction, pain, and aching gums can surprise you anytime. So, let's get started with understanding some of the remedies you can practice at home instead of taking over-the-counter medications.

#1 Numbing Gel

It may help to lessen the sharp sensation in the gums while reducing the pain. You can find many of them online or at the local drugstores with the active ingredient benzocaine. But make sure to confirm with your dentist first. Most of the gels are generally okay to be applied directly to the gums.

#2 Ibuprofen

No doubt, it is one of the most popular over-the-counter pain medications that help in lessening the inflammation and soreness of wisdom teeth development. Only take a recommended dose as per the dentist's instructions to relieve the discomfort. They are usually active until you don't have to visit the dentist.

#3 Ice Pack

Ice Packs are commonly useful when it comes to reducing the inflammation and saying goodbye to the pain that comes with wisdom teeth surgery. Try holding it together with a towel against the jaw for at least 10-15 minutes. Apply it again when the pain recedes.

#4 Rinse with Salt Water

Many scientific studies have stated that saltwater is believed to have natural disinfectant properties. It merely helps in decreasing the bacterial growth in the gums and teeth. At times, bacteria can build up around the broken gums or the treated area; saltwater rinsing can reduce the uneasiness while healing the infected area. You need to be patient in this.

To prepare the salt water rinse, dissolve a few tablespoons of salt into a freshly boiled glass of water. Once the water has slightly cooled down, rinse it around the mouth for a couple of minutes, then spat out. Repeat this process two to three times until the pain begins to lessen.

#5 Cloves

Many research studies have claimed that cloves have been highly effective in reducing the pain that comes after getting wisdom teeth out. Even though several topical creams have clove as their main ingredient, gently place the clove over the wisdom teeth over the affected area. Hold it in place; don't just chew it. Leave it there till the time pain reduces. Lastly, spit it out.

Besides, if you are using clove oil, then you can:

Put a few drops of it on a cotton ball.

Place the cotton ball on the impacted area.

Hold the cotton with your gums until the pain decreases.

Remove it after a while.

#6 Onion

Commonly, we all know that onions have got antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This feature of onions helps in reducing the soreness and swelling while fighting with the bacteria and infections build up. All you need to do is cut an onion, chew the onion on the pain side, and keep chewing it for a few minutes unless the pain minimizes. Then, spit the onion after a while. The juice released from the onion goes to the gums, hence decreasing the discomfort.

#7 Tea Bags

The typical tannins present in the tea bags have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics that fight with bacteria and lessen the swelling. Just prepare the usual, let it cool, and place it on the painful area. Remember, no sugar, milk, or cream should be added to it. It should be made in plain water.

#8 See your dentist

Wisdom tooth extraction pain can be bothersome, and if you don't see any remedy working on it, then that is the time to visit your dentist. The expert will inject in the paining area to numb and undergo wisdom teeth surgery. Don't worry; the procedure won't take much time; it usually takes 20-30 minutes.

The Bottom Line

There are a few more practical things to do, like practicing oral hygiene, drinking loads of water, and avoiding oil and sugary foods. Want to know more? Schedule an appointment with our expert dentists at 561-276-6684. We'd love to assist you.

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