Dentist in Delray Beach Explains The Process of Root Canal Procedure

June 9, 2021

Root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it!

Most of the time, root canals are considered painful but they aren’t. A root canal procedure is not as terrifying as it sounds. It’s basically a treatment that’s used to repair and safeguard a tooth that’s badly decaying or becomes infected. During the root canal procedure, the pulp and the nerve are removed and the insides of the tooth are sealed and cleaned. Without this process, all the tissues surrounding the tooth will become infected.

‘’Root canal’’ is a term that is used to describe the natural cavity within the central area of the tooth. The pulp chamber or pulp is the soft area that stays within the root canal.  Everyone must understand that the presence or absence of a tooth’s nerve doesn’t affect the daily functioning of the tooth. The only function of the tooth nerve is sensory i.e. to provide the sensation of cold or hot to the individual.

Why Is It Important To Remove The Tooth Pulp?

Whenever there’s root canal infection or the tooth nerve pulp or tissue is damaged, it usually breaks down and the bacteria in the mouth begin to multiply in the pulp chamber. This is really harmful to oral hygiene. It might cause -

Swelling in various parts of external tooth, face, neck or even head

Bone loss towards the tip of the root

All the drainage problems extending towards the root

There might occur a hole through the sides of the tooth along with the drainage or through the cheek with drainage into the skin as well

Due to all the above reasons causing infection, germs, and sensitivity in the tooth, it becomes important to remove the tooth pulp.

The longer you delay the root canal treatment, the more likely you will have to go for an emergency root canal. This will put you in pain and will cost more money than required. However, there is no need to fear because the best root canal services are here to treat your tooth emergencies.

Is root canal a dental emergency?

If you need a short answer to this, we would say yes. Root canals are considered a dental emergency. For the long answer, a root canal treatment is required because the infected tooth will die if you delay the treatment. This is because the dentist will have to extract the dead tooth in order to prevent further infection. The longer you will wait for, the more pain you will have to face. Root canals have the highest success rate when they are performed during the early stages of the infectious process.

Why do you need a root canal?

Root canal treatment is basically a therapy that is needed when the ache, swelling, damage or infection to the tooth has progressed from the enamel to the tooth nerve. Whenever this happens, the endodontist is required to remove the infection with the help of root canal treatment.

You may need a root canal treatment when you have severe tooth pain.

You may need a root canal treatment when you have prolonged sensitivity that lingers.

You may need root canal treatment when you have gum swelling.

Whenever you see discolouration of teeth, you may need a root canal treatment.

If there are persistent gum pimples, you must contact your endodontist.

All these are symptoms indicative of the potential need of a root canal. With these symptoms around, you must not delay the root canal treatment.

How can you avoid getting a root canal in the first place?

If you regularly visit your local dentist for regular checkups every six months you will never have to face this emergency situation. Whenever you visit your dentist, he or she will always look for any signs of tooth infection and decay. They take care of all the symptoms before it gets worse. Regular checkups are something that can help you in avoiding root canal treatment. All you need to do is be proactive with your oral health. This will save you money in the long run.

How to get relief from root canal treatment?

If you are experiencing tooth pain or infection or sensitivity after the root canal treatment, there are some natural home remedies that will help you relieve the pain. Given below are some of the remedies -

Place ice cubes over the tender or sore area.

Apply a hot pack towards the side of the jaw.

Swish a blend of salt and warm water around your mouth.

Take over the counter pain relievers like Tylenol, Advil and so on.

Take a cotton ball and soak it in apple cider vinegar and press gently over the infected tooth.

Myths around root canal treatment

There are many myths about root canal treatment. One of them includes that root canal treatment causes cancer. This is absolutely wrong. The high success rate of this treatment without any painful symptoms have shown and proved that there are no chronic illnesses caused due to root canal treatment. Today, there are many endodontists who have advanced technology and safety equipment to make the process successful and pain-free. All these false claims about root canal processes were based on design & research. Now you can successfully increase your success rate with root canal treatment. The sooner you complete your treatment the better is your chance of success. If you keep waiting for your tooth to get the infection, this will make the Root Canal Therapy complicated.  

There's another popular myth or you can say a stigma around the root canal process which says that root canals are very painful. However, this is far from the truth. There has been a lot of advancement in dentistry and technology which has made root canal a virtually painless process. At Signature Dental Group we use the latest technology in root canal therapy. The WaveOne system is an exciting new concept in the preparation of the root canal. This new system allows our root canal specialist to perform the procedure with a single file, cutting the treatment time in half without compromising results. Only one WaveOne single shaping file is required to prepare the canal to an adequate size and taper, even in narrow and curved canals. Many experts claim  WaveOne will truly become the root canal preparation instrument of the future, we are happy to share we have had the system at our office since 2012. If you have any of the symptoms above or need a second opinion, please call our office for a complimentary consultation at 561-276-6684.

That's it!

No need to worry about the root canal pain, because there’s no pain! It’s the only relief from pain!

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