Are Porcelain Veneers and Crowns the same if I go to a Cosmetic Dentist in Delray Beach, FL??

June 9, 2021

Veneers and crowns are often used to enhance the looks and function of teeth. The main difference between these dental treatments is that a veneer only covers the tooth partially and a crown covers the entire tooth. Both are made out of very similar materials. The type of porcelain is usually selected based on what we are trying to achieve cosmetically, the biting forces present, and habits of the patient ( grinding, clenching). Another important factor is the existing color and position of the natural teeth. If the patient wishes to go from very dark teeth to a very light shade of tooth replacement options, we need to select porcelain that can block out the darkness of the teeth underneath since these restorations are usually very thin. If the patient prefers a more natural result, we need to select porcelain that is very translucent and mimics the natural beauty of enamel. When going for a cosmetic consultation to a dentist in Delray Beach, it is important to ask your dentist about the credentials of the dental lab they use.

One of the most important aspects and often overlooked is the laboratory that fabricates these restorations. Fabricating dental prostheses or restorations require a great deal of technology, dental knowledge, and artistic ability. As dentists, the goal is to prescribe restorations that will function and behave like natural teeth. It is critical for the dental laboratory to understand dental anatomy, occlusion (how teeth come together), and dental esthetics in order to deliver a good crown or veneer. Below I will list a series of questions that can help any patient interview a prospective dentist that might be doing their smile makeover.


dental crown procedure

Questions to ask about porcelain veneers/crowns:

  • Will the veneers cover more than just the front aspect of the tooth? Will my tooth need a complete dental crown procedure? This is important to ask in order to have a good understanding of how much natural tooth removal will be performed during the tooth replacement procedure. I personally believe in preparing teeth as conservative as possible and preserving the majority of the tooth.
  • How many veneers/crowns will be necessary to achieve a superb cosmetic result?  This is a question that needs to be answered by good dental photography, comprehensive analysis of the smile, and all surrounding structures including lips and gums. Sometimes you can do as little as one veneer and completely change someone’s smile. Sometimes it requires 10-12 restorations.
  • Will the veneer/crown be sculpted by hand or computer designed? Or a combo of the two? Veneers can be hand layered (most expensive) or can be made out of a single block of porcelain via computer design and milling machine. Both can be very esthetic when designed properly. I personally often perform a combination of the two. Most of my crowns are computer-assisted design (CAD) with a cutback. This means the facial or visible aspect of the restoration is reduced purposely to allow the lab technician to layer the porcelain by hand and achieve optimal esthetics. This combination allows me to take advantage of the precision of the digital workflow but still give my crowns/veneers a human touch.
  • Is dental photography a part of the process? Dental photography is critical when performing cosmetic cases like veneers, crowns, cosmetic dental bonding, etc. It is the best way to communicate with the lab technician, evaluate the smile, and show patients the areas that can be improved. Here at Signature Dental Group, Dr. Baez uses a master ceramist with over 35 years of experience. He is present during all critical appointments to see the patient in person and make the necessary modifications for the dental veneer/crown procedure. This allows us to deliver works of art! To schedule a cosmetic consultation, you can reach us at 561-276-6684. Apart from veneers and crowns, you can also consult us for other dental treatments like Invisalign clear braces, gum tissue graft, full mouth dental implants, tooth extraction, same-day dentures, emergency dental care, and more.

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